Dennis McNett is a visual artist based in Philadelphia, PA.

Dennis McNett, is a storyteller at heart, whose inventive and imaginative personal mythology about the world directly translates into the lively works he creates. Drawing from varied sources, including traditional folklore as well as popular culture stories, he continues to innovate while still honoring age-old traditions.


Wolfbats Beseech the Great Bear of Oso Bay The Wolfbat Tribes continue their migration across North America. Their journey began in the East with the resurrection of Fenris in Brooklyn New York, moving North to the Wolfbat Castle of Elgin, and then West to Laguna where shamans conjured the Whale of Gratitude. 2012 marks a year of spiritual exfoliation and ceremonies of renewal. By April, the tribes move South to converge in Corpus Christi to call on the Great Bear of Oso Bay. For centuries the Great Bear has purified its waters, provided a rich habitat for plants and wildlife and served as protector from storms. The Wolfbat tribes will call on Oso to offer safe passage to the spirit realm. A great Viking Vessel will be adored with branches of palm, which represent longevity, triumph and victory. It will carry an effigy of Oso’s spirit to the sea where the gathered tribes will cast apathy, ignorance and hate from their hearts and sacrifice the molten entrails of their enemies into the ignited vessel. Oso’s appeased spirit will deliver protection during this year of reflection, and cleanse the heart, mind, body, and soul of the Wolfbat. —Dennis McNett—